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I am particularly keen to get my family interested and involved with managing and profiting from our own family business. This page is the limit of my current knowledge, I would be delighted if you could offer a few tips, alternately read and enjoy. ### Treat Your Business Like a Business and Your Family Like a Family.

Recommended Reading

Minding your own business by Raymond and Dorothy Moore

In this book, Raymond and Dorothy Moore give you some great advice for successfully managing your family. Then, after you\’ve organised your home, they show you creative and practical ways that your family can start a home business together. Through hundreds of true stories about families that are successfully managing their homes, the Moores help you manage your family effectively by showing you: – The importance of mutual respect of children and parents

  • How to teach your children financial responsibility
  • How not to be part of the wasteful generation
  • Creative ways to recycle and what to recycle
  • Practical ways to serve one another

Then they provide you with the practical steps to developing a revenue, producing home-based operation by providing you with: – The fundamentals of starting a home business

  • Ideas for home businesses
  • Information on potential startup problems and costs
  • Suggestions regarding taxes
  • Marketing tips
  • Insight into product quality … and everything else you need to know!

Business by the Book by Larry Burkett

Tomas Nelson Publishers ISBN 0-8407-3319-4 What would happen if you made your business decisions by The Book? The practical, down-to-earth answers to these questions are all in the Bible, says well-known business consultant and owner Larry Burkett. In Business by the Book, he shows how he and his clients have applied biblical principles to these types of business decisions: – Delay paying suppliers? Not when they took the advice of Proverbs 3:27: Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due…

  • Pay employees unfairly? Of course not, because they believed James 5:4: Behold the pay of the laborers who mowed your fields cries out against you.
  • Fire employees? Of course. If they were slothful (Proverbs 22:29). Or dishonest (Proverbs 14:2)

Larry Burkett has seen biblical principles, such as these, work in businesses of all sizes. And now you can incorporate Burkett\’s valuable advice into your business world with this expanded edition containing some of the actual study material used in Burkett\’s worldwide seminars.

Other book suggestions

Working at Home, by Lindsey O\’Connor – (Harvest House, 1990). Women Leaving the Workplace, by Larry Burkett – (Moody Press, 1996). Home Business Happiness, by Cheri Fuller – (Starburst Publishers, 1996).

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