Thank God for the Sabbath: The Gift of Rest

The Israelites were among the earliest known civilisations to establish the concept of a regular day of rest, or Sabbath, as part of their religious practices. The idea of the Sabbath, which traditionally takes place from Friday evening to Saturday evening, is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture and is mentioned in the Torah, the Jewish … Read more

Thankful for Juliet English

I’m thankful for Juliet English and her husband and for their contribution to Home Education in the UK and I am sure, also in South Africa. In case you did not know, Juliet is the driver behind the Learn Free Education Conference an annual event in the UK which has been taking place at a … Read more

Aspergers Syndrome – Understanding and Educating

Asperger’s Syndrome – Understanding and Educating Introduction Asperger’s Syndrome so named after the Austrian researcher Hans Asperger, who first described this condition in a paper he wrote, publishing it in German in Vienna in 1944. The paper and others he wrote were not accessible in English until Uta Frith had the original paper translated and … Read more

Facts about Homeschooling

There are many reasons to be suspicious about the public schooling system; similarly, there are many reasons to like about the homeschooling in 2015. As the years are passing more UK families are embracing homeschooling for the education of their children since British law states that children’s education is the sole responsibility of the parents … Read more