Classical Education – Homeschool Method

“A Classical Education” – The Classical Homeschool Method

Classical homeschooling has been around for many years. This method has been taught by people who were known to be the “greatest minds” in history!

The classical approach to homeschooling prepares the student to be able to learn on their own.

“The classic tools for learning are rhetoric, relate, research, record, and reason.”

When a child begins school they will begin with the three basics, reading, writing, and arithmetic. As they grow they will go on to the next stages of compositions, collections, and dialectic stages. (This second stage is where the student will have to be a little serious about their learning)

The best reason to homeschool with the classical homeschooling method you can build your curriculum the way you see fit. If you like history the classical approach to world history is a great way to learn about events throughout history chronologically. What is so cool is that you can pick and choose the literature and art that you would like your child to enjoy. If you are a fan of music you can let your child pick out an instrument and teach them (some are self-taught) how to play it.

Homeschooling can be a great experience because your child can dig in and enjoy each project first-hand while a main stream school may not allow your child to get involved with otherwise.(maybe because the school insurance may not allow participation)

Classic homeschooling method is getting back to the roots of our country and how it was created and who made it possible to get where we are today!

Main stream school is teaching though computers and calculators; while the classic way of teaching school is being brushed aside. Have you ever had your child come home and ask you to help them with their math homework? Everybody has had a child come home needing help with some sort of homework assignment at one point and time. While helping them you find that your child is confused because they have never seen the method you are using. (Even though your method still comes up with the same answer as the new math way) The classic homeschooling method would/can teach your child different ways to approach a problem.

The benefits from teaching your child the classical homeschooling methods are as follows,

  • You can personally build the curriculum your child learns
  • Your child can learn about religion and say a prayer without being told “do not do that”
  • You can make learning fun not long, drawn out, and boring
  • Build a strong bond with your child
  • Work on areas your child is weak in without the pressure from others embarrassing your child
  • Give your child extra help on areas they do not understand
  • Works great with your schedule
  • Stay clear of problem children, bullies, etc.
  • Teach them values, morals, beliefs
  • One on one teaching
  • Make education a family thing
  • Teach your child how to approach hard situations
  • Take trips that are fun and educational when you feel like it without a schedule

Classical education should not die because of the electronic age is taking over. Our children can thrive and learn respect for our country by going back to what you believe is important for your child to learn through classical homeschooling.

The “Classical Education” approach to homeschooling prepares the student to be able to learn on their own, it’s main focus is on a rigorous academic curriculum of reading, writing, math, classic languages. What is a Classical Education?

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