The Waldorf Homeschooling Method

The Waldorf Homeschooling Method

The Waldorf Homeschooling method has been developed from the work of Rudolf Steiner. This method lays emphasis on educating the whole child.

The mind, body and soul which embody a child persona are given equal importance in this type of training. In the beginning the children are trained in various areas that sharpen their mind, improve their skills and have a positive impact on their senses, which include art and craft, dance and music and things about nature.

At higher grades the importance is given to creating self-awareness and finding reasons in things. In this method the children create there own books and don’t have to read books available in the market. Not only this, computer and television is not used in imparting education as these gadgets are considered harmful to children’s health.

This method believes that children are very sensitive from 0-7 years of age, and can grasp things faster. Therefore, children should be given maximum opportunity to explore their surroundings, especially the nature. While it is important for the children to be active, but it is important to create a balance in whatever they do. A Homeschool following Waldorf method imparts education so that outdoor activities are followed by some quiet indoor activity like creative art. Children are exposed to various types of activities and not just to the ones they are good at.

The approach to education using the Waldorf technique is quite different from the others because science and humanities are not considered different from each other but interlinked. Children are made to understand that these fields go hand in hand and are in no ay two separate aspects of life. When you admit your child in a homeschool that follows this pattern of education, you can be sure that your little one is going to grow into a better individual due to emphasis on the higher values of life like truth and morality. Your child will learn through education to appreciate beauty ad goodness in the surroundings.

Waldorf Homeschooled children are encouraged to use their early years in developing their imagination. Teachers use different tools to help children in this direction. For example children are allowed to interplay with different colors and in the process they notice development of different shades. Such experiences go a long way and help understand things like color phenomena at a later age. This method is against early intellectualism and is founded on the principle that it can deplete the child of its natural ability to observe and learn things.

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