Homeschool Styles and Methods (a complete list)

A list of the different Teaching Styles and Methods of Homeschooling

The decision to home school your child is truly a difficult task to do particularly if you don’t know what are the possible benefits and drawbacks if there’s any. You will probably ask yourself if it will work or not. There are many important things to consider before deciding to home school your children. Knowing the types of available homeschooling methods is the first thing to do. Find the right one that is suitable for you and your family. Education is very significant. Whatever schooling method you choose, it’s crucial to give your children appropriate schooling and sufficient education.

Homeschooling Methods and Styles

Are you one of those parents who want to know methods on how you can teach your kids at home yet you are not aware of the different methods of homeschooling? Then the following are some of the popular homeschool methods that you can choose from. This article includes a brief description of each of the different homeschooling styles, consider each style of homeschool and choose from those which best meet your family\’s teaching and learning needs.

Classical Homeschooling Method

This type of homeschooling is a scrupulous style of education which views education in three stages. First is when the student knows how to learn and is capable of memorizing lots of facts. Second is when the facts are learned and children are able to create a connection. The third is when the student knows how to use the connections to create and formulate his or her own opinions. This homeschooling method will work well if you desire to assess your child’s learning and like structures.

Computer-Based Homeschooling Method

In this high-tech world, this type of homeschooling method is increasingly becoming popular. The options of how students utilize the computer for learning also increases. Computer-based homeschooling has available curriculums on CDs and DVDs that are truly efficient and convenient. If you find value in utilizing modern technology for educating your children, computer-based homeschooling is sure to work well.

Charlotte Mason or Living Books Homeschooling Method

This particular type of homeschooling method has a gentle and flexible atmosphere, but parents still have control over the learning process of their kids. This perfectly works if you want to make a learning environment that lets your children explore and learn to appreciate the world surrounding him or her.

Literature-Based Homeschooling Method

Like Charlotte Mason, this particular method of homeschooling uses living books in its curriculum. It’s a great way to avoid boring discussions and make it a bit more interesting. Literature-based Homeschooling Method works perfectly well if you want to get involved in your children’s learning process and if you want your children to love reading books.

Notebook Homeschooling Method

This homeschooling method enables your child to process whatever they are learning through the creation of notebooks of the subjects they are taking. It emphasizes the things your child is interested in, gathering information about it and documenting it. Notebook homeschooling method is perfect if you want to give your child freedom to do whatever he wants to do. If you\’re confident in the learning process and doesn’t mind if your child’s learning could be documented, this method is perfect for you and your children.

Eclectic Home Schooling Method

(also know as Relaxed Homeschooling) This method allows the parent to employ a variety of homeschooling methods depending on your children’s necessities. The eclectic method of homeschooling incorporates other principles of homeschooling methods making the most favourable type of homeschooling. This particular method of homeschooling is perfect if you don’t mind spending some time in finding materials that will fit your children’s separate learning styles and interests.


This is the method wherein kids are taught with lessons while staying at home. The instructor will go to your home and teach the kids with stuff that is supposed to be taught suited for their age. ## Unit Studies

With this method a parent or an instructor will focus teaching on a single book or unit where the kids are interested and make use of other books or units and relate it with the current unit that you are conversing about.

Thomas Jefferson Education

The method is done with the use of TJEd resource materials that were written by Oliver and Rachel DeMille. With this kind of method the resource materials are going to give parents ideas on how they should provide education with their children while staying at home. The resource materials include the proper phases of learning that parents should do to their kids.


It is a popular method that most parents are using nowadays. With this process, kids are given private lessons taught also by private instructors. Kids who are attending school and are under homeschooling are given the assistance by the instructors over their lessons and teach them how to find the answers and not provide the answers.

Cottage Schools

With this method, kids are provided with lessons by at least two instructors outside their home within a limited time. What makes the program enjoyable for children is that they are able to experience both homeschooling and classroom way of teaching.

Eclectic Homeschooling Method

One of the more popular methods of homeschooling is Eclectic Homeschooling. It is defined as a home based schooling method that involves \’selecting the best from a number of doctrines, methods or styles such that the final product is composed of various parts pulled from different sources.\’ It requires that an instructor identifies the best methods that should be applied in order to cover what is deemed most useful.

How a family chooses to cover the important parts differ from one family to another. A normal practice is for the kids to recite a few elements at breakfast followed by a science lesson in the bedroom and then maybe the instructor could take over and guide them through a few math items at the living room as they wait for lunch. A few lessons can also be done over the computer e.g. essay writing.

The advantages here are just as with home based learning apart from the fact that with eclectic homeschooling you work to identify what is best for the kids. An additional shortcoming would be identifying that \’what is best for your kids\’

School based education is a waste of resources

Enki Education Method

It is a combination of teaching aspects from the Waldorf and Montessori methods. Most people who are trying to make homeschooling as easy and comfortable as they want for their family would choose to get Enki Education method as their solution for teaching their children. ## Unschooling

This process is where kids or people will learn from natural experiences and reject the use of the compulsory methods used with regular schools. ## Classical Homeschooling

It is the method wherein kids are taught about 3 stages of learning which are the grammar stage, logic stage and rhetoric stage. Once learned, kids are expected to be well educated with making life’s decision while they are growing up. ## The Waldorf Method

This method is where kids education are based on 3 stages within the child’s development and are all divided in 7 years. The method focuses on integrating method of learning while the child is developing.


It is a method wherein respect over the child’s normal psychological development, freedom within their limits and independence are emphasized while being taught by trained instructors.

Multiple Intelligences

This is where kids, who are tested to have multiple intelligences, are developed and honed with where they are good at and improve those that they have already developed while growing, are enrolled.

DVD/Video Schooling

This method allows children to learn from the subjects where they are not good at. The videos on DVDs will help in engaging the interest of the children and learn from the videos eventually.

Internet Homeschooling

This is the most common method that is used nowadays, because of its efficiency and ease of use. With the above mentioned choices in mind, you can choose which method is best for your child’s homeschooling.

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